International shipping

International Shipping

We at Ocean Group have more than 70 years of experience in international shipping to all corners of the world. Whether by sea or by air, we are always upholding the highest international standards in the world,
We assign to every mission an experienced and professional crew, which uses the highest quality packing materials to ensure that your belongings will arrive safely to their new destination.
We at Ocean are committed to provide our customers the best service possible, by assigning every client an experienced operation manager who will accompany them throughout the whole process.
Members in the following international shipping organizations:
Ocean Group is a proud member of Harmony Relocation Network. Harmony is a global network of locally owned relocation companies, upholding strong family values through generations of heritage. Harmony Relocation is a network of committed partners, brought together in one truly global and solid infrastructure with cutting edge technology, an ISO-tested quality system and leading sustainability criteria. 

International Sea Shipping

If you plan on sending a large quantity, such as furniture, shipping by sea will be the preferable option.
We at Ocean offer a 'Door to Door' service where your belongings will be professionally packed in the place you are leaving and sent directly to your new home where they will be carefully assembled and organized.
International Air Shipping
If you plan on sending small quantities that will arrive fast to their destination, air shipping will be the preferable option.
Fine Art Shipping

 Handling fine art is a major responsibility, and With many years of experience in using the most advanced and high quality materials to pack and ship many different art exhibitions, we at Ocean are able to handle all kinds of museum quality transportation , while using the up most sensitivity and caution.

What you get:
  • Safe, secure shipping
  • Complete control of the relocation process
  • A contact in Israel who accompanies you for the entire period
  • Above all, a “smooth” move and peace of mind
Who is this service suited for?
  • Private relocating individuals
  • Companies relocating employees
  • Government offices and embassies
  • Businesses with overseas offices
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