Selling Furniture (to the client)

Part of the relocation process is having an opportunity to start anew. Acquiring new furniture is one of those opportunities.
Ocean’s furniture purchasing service helps clients save time and money, reduces shipping costs and provides both a permanent or temporary solution to relocating individuals, couples or families. The service is available in Israel as well as in most destinations in which we operate.
Clients have a choice between 2 available options, to suit their specific needs:
Option 1: Full Purchase
We acquire your furniture and offer it to other customers who might be interested.
Option 2: Storage and displaying for sale
Furniture for sale will be stored on your behalf and offered to potential customers at a price determined by you, minus the storage and handling fees.
What you get:
< Selling existing furniture without the need to ship overseas
< A simple and convenient solution handled by one main source
< The ability to store or exchange furniture with another, from our existing range
Who is this service intended for?

  • Individuals or families relocating to a new country - temporary furniture in the country of origin or country of destination until the arrival of the permanent furniture.
  • Tenants in rented apartments who wish to complete their furniture set
  • Property owners interested in renting a furnished property.
  • Companies relocating employees and wish to reduce shipping costs.

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