Apartment Searching

A complete service package designed to support the moving process, provide customized solutions to relocating individuals and help create a fast and effective acclimatization in their new home.
The easier way to a smoother, more cost-effective move and arrival in the country of destination, Homey+ provides a complete solution for relocations to a foreign country. The service begins prior to the actual move, from locating a suitable property to the moving-in phase. The service is overseen by a personal consultant who accompanies families and individuals, and provides them with a customized evaluation of their needs, locating a suitable home prior to the move, managing the processes all the way, legal issues, inspection of property selected by the client, moving in and last but not least ensuring customer satisfaction.
The main advantages of the Homey+ total solution lay in Ocean Group’s ability to locate a wide range of properties that correspond to the clients’ requirements prior to the move, and therefore provide them with a more - accurate spot on service, helping them choose a relevant property without wasting valuable time  upon arrival in their destination country.
This significantly cuts costs of both the search process as well as costs for temporary housing. The services included are tailor-made to the relocating individual, while the service fee is determined regardless of the contract price.
Homey+ total solution allows each individual to relocate with ease, save on unnecessary expenses and settle in their new home comfortably, while having complete peace of mind to focus on the relocation assignments.
All of Ocean Group’s consultants have been thoughtfully selected, adhere to strict international standards and specialize in the multi-tier real estate market.
The Homey+ services include:

  • - Personal accompaniment of a local representative upon arrival at country of destination
  • - Allocation and tour of relevant properties according to client specifications and expectations
  • - Negotiating and managing pre-signing of lease
  • - Navigating the pitfalls of the rental market
  • - Preparing appropriate lease contract for the signing of both parties
  • - Advice on guarantees and documentation needed prior to signing of lease.
  • - Assistance in connecting house utilities such as water, gas and electricity.
  • - House inspection and preparation prior to moving in

Housing total solution includes:
- Personal accompaniment at country of destination
- Locating a suitable property
- Negotiation with owner
- Navigating the pitfalls of the rental market
- Preparation of contract for signing
- Consultation on guarantors
- Connection to house utilities
- Inspection of property prior to entrance
Who can benefit from this service?
- Private individuals relocating abroad 
- Companies relocating employees
- Government offices and embassies
- Businesses with overseas offices
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