Settling In

Relocating from one country to another begins with understanding the challenges that might arise in the destination country. Many relocating individuals and families see the profound importance in the conditions relating to the purpose of their relocation. “Background noise” generated in such a process is generally not taken into account and produces side effects that can be easily avoided.
Who can benefit from this service?
Relocating to a new country presents new challenges on
both a practical as well as an emotional level. The goal of Ocean’s In-house services is to provide families with an easier and more pleasant start to their new daily lives and routine as well as to overcome the barriers of culture and language, which can prove to be disruptive. The service provides relocating individuals with an essential safety net, making their lives more comfortable from day one.
The In-house service solution includes:

  • - Settling-in orientation at destination to get to know the area
  • - Assistance with addressing local authorities
  • - Assistance with car rental or purchase
  • - Assistance with car and housing insurance
  • - Assistance with driving license application and car registration
  • - Introduction to the local health system
  • - Banking services, opening an account etc.
  • - Assistance with purchasing a cellular phone
  • - Assistance with cable, phone and internet connections
  • - Help and guidance in main service areas such as: shopping centers, supermarkets, public transport etc.
  • - Assistance with furniture rental
  • - Translation services

In-house Free 
Initial Orientation Kit – offered as a free service to In-house customers
To enable relocating families and individuals to overcome the very first obstacles in their new country of residence, we provide comprehensive information to help with their acclimatization and integration.

The In-house Free kit includes:
  • - General information about the country of destination
  • - General information about the new city of residence
  • - A history of the area as well as the characteristics of the culture
  • - Rules of conduct and information about the local language
  • - National holidays and vacations
  • - Information about cable networks, phone and mail services
  • - Comprehensive information on health services, doctors, hospitals etc.
  • - Information about general activities and entertainment
Who can benefit from this service?
  • - Private individuals relocating to a foreign country
  • - Companies relocating employees
  • - Government offices and embassies
  • - Businesses with overseas offices

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