Content Assessment

Content Assessment
Professional assessment of content volume prior to relocation

One of the important parameters of relocation is to understand the decision-making process of a family on the move, prior to their relocation. Ocean provides vast knowledge and expertise to help each family get a clear picture of the entire process and eliminate uncertainties. Each relocation differs from one family to the next the process being tailored to the specific needs of the family and often vary from one country to another.
Ocean Group offers a free assessment by an experienced content appraisal specialist, affording our customers the option to of being able to select the most appropriate solution for their move.
This survey then serves as the basis for examining possible alternatives, if required.
In addition, this volume assessment will be used as a basis on which to provide an estimate as well as to calculate and allow for the appropriate packaging.
The assessment and survey includes taking into account the following:
  • home furniture
  • Kitchenware
  • Wardrobe contents
  • Electrical appliances
  • Fragile objects
  • Miscellaneous Objects (piano, sculptures, art etc.)
  • Valuables
Why Ocean?
Ocean offers its customers experienced professional surveyors who provide an accurate assessment of the content volume, the optimum means required for handling it (type and amount of packaging materials, type of transport required, special measures etc.)  Description of access to the client’s property and other parameters that will allow us to offer the solution most suited to each client.
Who can benefit from this service?
Relocating families - a professional assessment and estimate forms the basis for the relocation plan.
Storage solution – relocating individuals opting to store part or all of their contents in our storage facilities.
Renovating - Customers moving their home contents during renovation.
Companies and businesses moving their offices from one site to another.
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