Rental and Buying Properties

The process of purchasing, renting or selling of a property consists of many parameters that require skill and experience. Ocean Group’s Landlord Service offers clients a range of real estate solutions, while guaranteeing a smooth and effective process that protects their interests and ensures a safe and prudent deal. We offer the ideal service to property owners and tenants, both in Israel and abroad, who are looking for a safe and pleasant experience.
The service includes:
- Evaluation of client requirements
- Locating assets
- Personal real estate consultant
- Access to a pool of potential tenants
Why Ocean Real Estate?
- Real estate expertise
- Comprehensive Professional service during the entire process – both when moving in and out
- Cost savings
- Range of properties for rent or purchase
Who can benefit from this service?
  • - Israelis returning to Israel from relocation overseas
  • - Israelis looking for a quality property to rent
  • - Property owners wishing to rent or sell
  • - Diplomats and embassy employees
  • - Individuals relocating to a new country
  • - Companies relocating employees
  • - Representatives of foreign companies

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