Furniture Rental


Rental Furniture and home appliances for short or long periods of time, for any purpose.

A perfect solution allowing anyone to rent house furniture as well as electrical appliances for short or long periods.
Ocean’s Furniture Rental service is a great option that saves time and money and provides either a permanent or a temporary solution for relocating individuals, couples and families. This service is available in Israel and in most countries in which we operate.
Ocean’s Furniture Rental solution offers clients a wide range of items in a variety of styles. For your convenience, you can choose between renting an "All you need" package or individual items. Furniture is delivered directly to the customer’s new home - assembled and ready to use. At the end of the rental period, we take care of the packing and return delivery of the rented furniture at no extra cost.

Full Guarantee
Ocean understands its customer’s needs, we therefore provide a full guarantee for all our furniture, as well as providing maintenance and the replacement of unwanted items, if required.
What you get:
< High quality furniture
< Rental period Flexibility.
< Full Guarantee of Standard of furniture  , throughout the rental period.
Who can benefit from this service?
  • Relocating individuals and families – short term furniture rental in the country of origin after the household has been shipped and in the country of destination until the arrival of the permanent furniture.
  • Tenants in rented apartments who wish to supplement or add to their furniture.
  • Property owners interested in renting a furnished property
  • Property owners wishing to sell a property and can benefit from home staging.
  • Companies relocating employees, wishing to reduce shipping costs.
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