Tax Consulting

Taxes are an existential part of life in any country. Tax laws vary from state to state, and what is valid in one country may be quite different in another. One of the critical factors of relocating is undoubtedly having a complete understanding of the legal and tax requirements in the country of origin and destination.
There are many questions that need to be asked. Is taxation personal or territorial? Is there a tax treaty between the two countries? For example: an Israeli living in the United States will have to pay tax in both countries, while a U.S citizen living in Israel will be exempt from paying tax locally.
Tax consultation is a basic prerequisite for any family about to relocate to a foreign country, and it may prevent future implications and financial damages from exposure to unnecessary taxation.
Ocean’s international tax consulting service helps relocating individuals and families deal with tax implications in a safe and organized manner. In addition, the service helps plan out and get a clearer understanding of the expected income as well as optimal wage during this period.
Taxation regulations bring about many issues. This service provides a high quality solution in most countries and includes:
  • Representation of relocating individual or employer with the tax authorities in Israel.
  • Representation of relocating individual or employer with the Social Security authorities in Israel.
  • Ongoing advice in regards to relocating individual’s status as a resident of “not for tax purposes in Israel”
  • Change of family status in the National Insurance Office
  • Arranging child allowance
  • Establishment of “Nituk Toshvut” file for relocating individuals leaving Israel
  • Submitting an annual report in Israel in regards to double taxation.
  • Obtaining employment permits from the National Insurance in the “medinot amana”
  • Quarterly social security payments
  • Managing social security and health insurance related issues upon returning to Israel
Some important issues to consider regarding tax implications and Social Security, both in Israel and abroad:
  • Are you aware of the Israeli tax laws applicable to you during your relocation?
  • Are you aware of the Israeli national insurance laws applicable to you during your relocation?
  • Is it possible to cancel residency for tax purposes in Israel?
  • How much tax is there on a severance package when your partner resigns?
  • As a relocating family did you take into account the issue of double taxation and / or double social security in case of dissociation state of residence (nituk toshvut)?
  • Are you aware that in case of “E-nituk toshvut” for tax purposes, double Social Security may occur?
  • Are you aware of the national insurance implications created due to relocation?
  • Do you have a representative to deal with the correspondence generated with tax authorities and national insurance due to your relocation?
What you get:
> Professional advice on all tax issues.
> Vast experience in dealing with tax authorities in multiple countries.
> Personal representative attending the various tax implications during your stay abroad.
Who is this service suitable for?
  • Individuals relocating to a foreign country
  • Companies relocating employees
  • Government offices and embassies
  • Businesses with overseas offices
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