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After making the decision to relocate to a new country, following a business opportunity or a company requirement, family decisions also need to be taken into account. Every move to a new country is accompanied by new challenges, one of which is the question: How do we know what the most appropriate school for our children and our new lifestyle is?
Is an hour’s drive in the morning considered normal? Is a private school better than a public one, does a multi-cultural school make more sense than a local school?
Ocean Group’s Academy service presents the various options available and lists the advantages versus the disadvantages in every option, while taking the child’s needs, abilities and suitability to a specific school under consideration. Our in-depth familiarity with the relocation processes of many families, as well as our worldwide experience of over seven decades, allow us to provide accurate information about educational institutions around the world.
We understand that the successful integration of children in different educational systems is the key to a successful relocation, so we recommend giving full attention to the selection phase and thus choosing the most appropriate institution for your child’s personality.
Who can benefit from this service?
Ocean Group’s Academy service is designed for families with school-aged children. The quality of an institution and the instilling of life skills is a concern most parents have, in particular ones who are moving to a new country. We therefore provide all the tools and know-how, based on the recognition of these profound / crucial concerns, to ensure a positive impact on children of this age.
-Private individuals and families relocating to a new country
-Companies relocating employees
-Government offices and embassies
-Businesses with overseas offices

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