Property Management

One of the challenging tasks facing new families and individuals relocating to a new country is maintaining their existing property in their home country. Finding quality tenants, drafting a lease contract, obtaining appropriate guarantees and maintaining regular contact with tenants, is very often a task that requires special organization. Control + provides the perfect solution for clients looking for peace of mind and for a service that manages their property and all that it entails.
The service includes:
  • - Finding quality tenants
  • - Representation when dealing with renters  - providing a solution to any faults or requests that might occur in the property
  • - Preparation of rental agreement
  • - General background checks of candidates as well as obtaining guarantor sources
  • - Representation in the building maintenance committee
  • - Inspection report – written and photo documentation of property condition when tenants move in / out
  • - Verification that bills are paid – city taxes, electricity, phone bills and more.
  • - Property repairs and supervision – Order repair services from a pool of professionals at significantly lower prices than market price and supervise the entire process.

Who can benefit from this service? 
  • - Private individuals and families relocating to a new country
  • - Property owners looking for peace of mind
  • - Companies relocating their employees, who are interested in providing them with a  total solution

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