Home Staging and Design

Architectural consulting services and interior design
A home improvement service implemented prior to selling a home or used as a design solution

Home staging is an innovative method the main purpose being to raise the value of a property prior to sale. The key rationale being not to rely on the imagination of buyers, and to present a specially designed house using relatively simple means. Studies show that a reasonably small investment, can actually increase the value of a house by over 10%,
The home staging method emphasizes the positive features of a building, while creating an appealing environment that brightens up the property. The home staging service is provided by professionals with proven experience in architecture and interior design.
Ocean Group’s Furniture Rental Service provides this home staging service and enables clients to rent furniture especially targeted for the sale period and in doing so enables the owners to present or sell their home already furnished.
Home staging can also be used to enhance the appearance of a property for families who want to upgrade their private space professionally and remodel their home environment.
What you get:
> Property enhancement creating more interest
> Increasing the value of the property by at least 10%
> Professional styling - an architect or interior designer accompanies the process
> Saving on moving costs
Who can benefit from this service?
Relocating families wishing to sell their home
Homeowners wishing to sell or rent
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