Temporary Housing

Temporary housing solutions, including hotels and furnished apartments in Israel and abroad
Temporary Housing Overseas
Renting a hotel room, even for a transitional period, is pretty simple. But is it truly the best solution for a relocating family?
Ocean Group’s extensive knowledge enables us to provide the most relevant information according to the country of destination. The best solution in some countries may be a particular type of hotel, while in others, a fully furnished apartment may be a more preferable option, according to the needs of the relocating individuals. By conducting a brief meeting with the relocating family, we are able to characterize their most important needs, and then offer the most suitable and cost-effective solution. This gives families peace of mind and leaves more free time to focus on the many other relocating tasks at hand.
In addition, Ocean Group’s worldwide cooperation and global reach allows us to provide available solutions in a large number of destinations and at challenging time frames.
Temporary Housing in Israel
The Israeli real estate market has its own unique way of working. As a result, temporary housing solutions are abundant and varied. Ocean Group has a unique advantage in this field. Thanks to the many services we offer to relocating individuals to and from Israel, we are exposed to a large database of suitable properties. Alongside this fact, our excellent working relationship with hotels and various accommodations available in Israel, allows us to offer our customers multiple solutions together with complementary services, such as furniture rental, house painting, cleaning services and more.
Temporary accomodation we offer:
Hotel rooms - with varying levels of accommodation and prices
Short-term apartment rentals
Fully furnished & equipped apartments ready for immediate occupancy
Unfurnished apartments
Our multiple solutions, including buying or renting of furniture and storage, help to complete the entire process, thus saving the time and costs involved when moving to a new property.
The service includes:
* Characterization of needs
* Offering multiple suitable options
* Personal support
Why Ocean?
* Our real estate expertise
* A deep understanding of the global market and our partnerships with renowned institutions around the world
* A wide variety of properties for rent or sale
Who is this service intended for?
* Relocating individuals anywhere in the world who are prior to getting a permanent housing solution
* Diplomats and embassy employees
* Guests for short periods
* Companies relocating employees
* Representatives of foreign companies
* Foreign journalists
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