Orientation Tour

The life of every family is made up of many moments. Think about one day in your life: The ride to school, the neighborhood grocery store, the local playground, community center and shopping area. These are just some of the places you visit every day. And you know the way to these places like the palm of your hand.
Relocation can bring with it some unexpected challenges, but also some that can be avoided. A preliminary orientation tour, accompanied by a local representative who knows the area inside and out, allows the entire family to get to know these new places and needs in their new environment.
An introduction to the new environment and community eases many tensions and anxieties and helps the whole family to get a clearer picture of their new living area and all that it entails.
Who might need Spotlight? 
Ocean Group’s Spotlight Service is designed to give families a quick familiarity with the daily routine in the country of destination. A local representative who lives and works in the country of destination on our behalf, will accompany you and provide you with a complete orientation “road map” during your first days in your new home. The way to school, the local community and shopping centers, banks, car rental companies. Everything you might need to make “landing” in your new home feel more comfortable, familiar and safe.
Who is this service intended for?
* Private individuals and families relocating to a new country
* Companies relocating employees
* Government offices and embassies
* Businesses with overseas offices

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