Ocean Relocation

Ocean Relocation is a subsidiary of the Ocean Group specializing in mobility and relocating quality of life. We understand that different people have different needs and preferences, which is why every relocation is different and unique to each family and individual. Our solutions are adapted to the nature of the relocation and personalized to the challenges posed by each family, country of origin and country of destination.
The Ocean Group has been operating for over seven decades, creating smart mobility and relocation solutions. Our technological superiority and innovation have helped us to develop unique models and methods that allow each customer, whether in Israel or abroad, to enjoy a more creative way of relocating.
The Wise Process - 3D Relocation - a smart, effective service
"The Wise Process - 3D Relocation" allows us to offer each client a simple, yet relevant array of options. It also creates the most pleasant, effortless and affordable process, including real estate purchasing or rental solutions as well as advanced logistical services for relocating quality of life from one destination to the next.

The right questions lead to the right solutions

Is one relocation identical to another?
Will solutions that perfectly suit one family necessarily work for another?
Can a family that is about to relocate foresee their future needs and experiences in their new destination?
A creative way of managing relocation
To provide our clients with customized solutions, we assign each client a personal manager and consultant. Our vast experience and strong international partnerships enable us to offer clients the most suitable and cost-effective solutions for their needs.
Relocating quality of life is a complex task that deeply affects people’s lives. A successful relocation process is an integral part of a family’s future and the nature of their acclimatization. That is why we have developed a method that helps identify individual client needs as well as involve clients early on the decision making phase.
The right guidance and a deep understanding of clients’ needs allow us to provide effective solutions and a wide range of options. These will ultimately assist and determine the success of the relocation, the selling or buying of property as well as providing innovative logistic solutions.

Using the "Wise Process - 3D Relocation" model by Ocean Group
The best way to provide an optimal solution to a client and their family is to understand their needs together. That is why each project we undertake is carried out in 3 stages:
Stage 1: Client categorization center to formulate need and requirements
The client completes a personal questionnaire that forms the basis to the relocation process.
Stage 2: Relocation Planning Consultant
Client Manager chooses, together with his client, the most suitable business model for his / her needs.
Stage 3: Relocation Team
A dedicated and skilled team ensures that the move is as pleasant and as smooth as possible.
What you get:
  • A streamlined, efficient and pleasant move
  • Cost-effective service with added value
  • Complete control of the relocation process
  • Fast and problem free acclimatization in at your destination
  • Personal client manager supporting you during the entire process
  • Above all, peace of mind and a smooth relocation process
Smart, personalized relocation process:
  • Personal support and commitment
  • Intercultural training for the entire family
  • Language studies
  • Partner support
  • Purchasing furniture and organizing in the new home
  • Cleaning service
  • Content insurance
  • Tax planning and consulting at destination
  • Assistance with international recruitment
  • Cost of living analysis prior to arrival
  • Medical insurance
  • Car rental
  • Packing and unpacking service
  • Storage solutions
  • Solutions for education
  • Furniture purchase / rental
  • Property management
  • Appraisal service
  • Long-term housing rental
  • Pet transfer
  • Short-term housing solutions
  • Settling-in orientation to get to know the area
  • Customs clearance
  • Assistance with labor laws at new destination
  • Employee recruitment plan