Ocean Operations

Ocean Operations is a subsidiary of the Ocean Group, specializing in advanced operational solutions and logistics. Thanks to unique management systems, effective work processes and experienced personnel; our clients enjoy flexible, cost-effective logistic solutions.
Ocean Operations' affiliation with a leading international relocation company gives it international stability and power, exposure to vast knowledge as well as partnerships with leading logistics companies around the world.
Ocean Operations has been operating for over seven decades, specializing in creating personalized solutions for  each individual. Technological superiority and innovation have helped us develop unique models and methods that allow each customer, whether in Israel or abroad, to enjoy a more creative way of thinking.
The Wise Process - 3D Relocation - a smart, effective service.
The Wise Process - 3D Relocation allows us to offer each client a simple, yet relevant array of options. We utilize the most advanced and complex logistics solutions, while creating a process that is easy, pleasant and affordable.
A creative way of managing logistics
To provide our clients with customized solutions, we utilize our vast experience and strong international partnerships as part of the Ocean Group, in order to offer customers the most suitable and cost-effective solutions to their needs. International logistics, storage services, maintenance and furniture rental are only a small part of the many services we offer. Each solution is tailor made and takes into account the many operational dilemmas our customers face. This is why we have developed a unique model, which allows us to provide smart, quality solutions.
Step 1: Initial characterization
Understanding customer needs and offering multiple alternatives.
Step 2: Choosing a business model
Selecting the most appropriate and affordable solutions
Stage 3: Personal Guidance
An experienced and committed team accompanies the entire process to create a pleasant moving experience.
What you get:
  • Personalized solutions
  • Savings on operational costs
  • Control and peace of mind
  • Support of our experienced staff and our business relationships around the globe
Our smart, tailor-made operational services
  • Personal support and guidance
  • Content insurance
  • Complete packing and unpacking services
  • Multiple storage solutions
  • Dedicated shipping solutions for returning citizens
  • Dedicated shipping solutions for new immigrants
  • Regular updates during the entire relocation process
  • Design and construction of specialized packing boxes
  • Transporting vehicles
  • Specialized packing of valuables, art objects etc.