Ocean Real Estate

Ocean Real Estate is a subsidiary of the Ocean Group. The company provides local and international real estate management, property sales and acquisitions, temporary housing solutions and more. By understanding that the relocation process brings with it new real estate opportunities for every family, we are able to help maximize these opportunities by using creative thinking and a wide range of integrated solutions.
The Ocean Group has been operating for over seven decades in creating real estate, smart mobility and operational solutions that place our customers in the center . Our technological superiority and innovation have helped us develop unique models and methods that allow each customer, whether in Israel or abroad, to enjoy a more creative way of thinking.
The Wise Process - 3D Relocation - a smart, effective service.
The Wise Process - 3D Relocation allows us to offer each client a simple, yet relevant array of options. It also creates the simplest, most pleasant and affordable route, including real estate purchasing or rental solutions as well as advanced logistical services.
A creative way of managing real estate
In order to provide our clients with customized solutions, we utilize our vast experience and strong international partnerships as part of the Ocean Group, r which enable us to offer customers the most suitable and cost-effective solutions to their needs.
Each real estate project is carried out in 3 stages:
Stage 1: Evaluation of Client Requirements
Customized evaluation based on Ocean Group’s vast real estate know-how and experience.
Stage 2: Housing Consultant
An assigned consultant will accompany you throughout the process during buying, selling or renting property,  up to  the final stage of signing the contract (international only).
Stage 3: Moving Services
Full support and advise at every step of the moving process, including acclimatization into your new home environment.
The Advantages:
  • Access to a database of available housing suitable for your needs
  • Saving time and costs involved with the move
  • Working with one main representative during entire process
  • Property management in Israel
  • An efficient and well-planned process that gives you and your family peace of mind
Our smart, tailor-made real estate services
  • Locating and leasing appropriate housing in Israel and abroad
  • Personal support and commitment to clients and their families
  • Legal advice
  • Selling / renting of property in Israel
  • Temporary home furnishing
  • Packing and cleaning services
  • Tax consulting and planning
  • Appraisal services
  • Permanent housing rental
  • Property management
  • Preparing appropriate lease contract in line with the laws of the country of destination
  • Short-term housing solutions
  • Virtual tour of property
  • Content insurance
  • Evaluation of cost of living
  • Storage solutions
  • Furniture rental / purchasing / sale
  • Temporary housing solutions