Why do I need to have someone come to my home to perform a pre-move survey?

The reason being is that for us to be able to provide you with an accurate quotation to meet your requirements we need to view the goods you want to move. From the pre-move survey, we are able to establish the volume and type of goods you want to ship, as well as determine if any specialized packing is required as well as viewing the access to the residence as to whether special requirements / parking permits that will be needed during packing and loading. At this time, we can also define your needs and give you information about timing, customs requirements and other possible relevant information.

What does a pre-move survey cost?

The pre-move survey is free of charge. Based on a pre-move survey, you will receive our quotation within 3 working days. Upon receipt of this quote, we are pleased to discuss all elements with you and it is then your choice to accept our quote.

What about customs clearance?

As an expert in international moving, Ocean Global Relocation Solutions is familiar with all the requirements with regards to customs clearance, the products allowed or prohibited in various countries, the formalities needed and the costs involved. It is only when not moving with a professional international moving company that does not take responsibility from door-to-door, that customs clearance becomes very often a nightmare.

Are there any household belongings that cannot be moved?

The rules and regulations depend on the country of destination. In most countries, the following goods are either prohibited or limited: food, alcoholic beverages, drugs, firearms and ammunition, pornographic material, motorcars, pets, dangerous goods (flammable, acid, corrosive, explosive) and products from endangered species. New and unused items are usually subject to taxes and duties. There are additional requirements on other goods in particular countries. Please always contact Ocean Global Relocation Solutions in case of any doubt.

What are the required documents for importing a household goods shipment?

The basic requirements are currently a copy of the packing list, Power of Attorney giving Ocean customs broker the authority to represent you and act on your behalf, a declaration to the customs listing the items that are eligible for customs duties signed by you, a clear copy of your passport (the page with the picture) or a copy of your B1 work permit, the contract/lease agreement your house/apartment.

How can you assure quality from door-to-door?

Ocean Global Relocation Solutions specializes in international removals. We also work with partners, equally involved in the international business. FIDI, the International Association of Moving Companies, has initiated a quality management system that became mandatory in May 2001. All FIDI companies are required to work according to the system called FAIM (FIDI Accredited International Mover). Cap Gemini Ernst & Young regularly and independently audited this program. It is the only worldwide recognized standard for international moving.

How can we be sure to select a quality moving company?

It is correct that there are big differences concerning the services in a move process. A first indication certainly is the competence of the surveyor that comes to your residence. You can also tell by the responsiveness of the company. If the company is not a member of an international association of moving companies (e.g. OMNI, FIDI and LACMA), be careful. Ask for their claim ratio and customer satisfaction level!  

Sometimes there are big differences in prices. Why?

As with any kind of product or service, you normally get what you pay for. The difficulty might be that you compare services that are only visible once you have signed the contract. Therefore, your choice is important. Make sure the quote is transparent. It should list all elements that are included and those excluded. Make sure you have all elements in writing. Compare the volumes estimated by the different service providers that you have invited to quote. Check that the different providers have quoted for the same service - for example, an exclusive container for shipping your personal effects as opposed to a container that will be used for grouping several shipments together. Quotes that are far below and far above average, should be looked at very closely.