We recommend to do the following things a day before your move

  • Keep all valuable jewelry, passports, important documentation, money, tickets, etc, with you.
  • Have your pets ready for collection. Remember to send a familiar toy along for company and reassurance during the trip.
  • Empty and hose all rubbish bins and compost bins.
  • Collect any dry-cleaning or laundry.
  • Ensure all accommodation and travel arrangements are booked and confirmed.
  • If paying for the removal yourself, have a bank cheque or correct money ready for collection by the removal crew.
  • Ensure any gas cylinders have been emptied and certified by an authorized gas cylinder test station.
  • Ensure fuel is drained from fuel driven appliances such as lawn mowers.
  • Empty, defrost and thoroughly towel dry your fridge and freezer. Quickly wipe over the inside using vanilla essence - this will assist in the prevention of odours.
  • Drain washing machine hoses and leave to dry overnight.
  • Disconnect stereo systems and computer equipment. Tape all wires and leads together. Remember to secure the arm of your stereo and remove all CDs and tapes prior to transport.
  • Please arrange to be at your home on packing days. If you cannot attend, please have someone you trust to be present and act as your representative. Please let the company know well in advance that you will not be present personally.
Remember to advise these people  

We would like to recommend you to take various actions before your move
in order to smooth the process.  

  • The Post Office - for mail redirection
  • Telephone Service Provider
  • Cellular Phone Service Provider
  • Internet Service Provider
  • Electricity Authority
  • Gas Authority
  • Water Supply Authority
  • Municipality
  • Bank/Building Society
  • The Taxation Department
  • Insurance Companies - car, house, property
  • Motor Registration Authority
  • Health Fund
  • Hire Purchase Company
  • Clubs - social, sporting
  • Magazine & Newspaper subscriptions
  • Your Doctor
  • Your Dentist
  • School - arrange for records to be transferred
  • Solicitor
  • Synagogue / Church
  • Library
  • Superannuation Fund
  • Direct Debit arrangements - your bank
Things to do several days before your move  
We recommend you to the following things several days before your move 
  • Dispose of all flammable goods and prohibited items.
  • Seek advice from the manufacturers of your washing machine, fridge, freezer and other appliances, as to whether they require special attention prior to transportation.
  • Sell or dispose of any furniture that you are not taking with you.
  • Arrange for somebody to look after your children on packing day, if possible.
  • Collect your family’s dental and medical records.
  • If renting, advise your landlord well in advance.
  • Take time to accurately calculate our insurance value and complete your Ocean Insurance Declaration Form.
  • Backup your computer hard disk. Ensure printer, scanner etc., is prepared for transport. Seek manufactures advice if you are unsure.
  • Drain waterbeds ready for transport. If special tools are required, disassemble the bed frame ready for transport.
  • Disassemble any built-in fixtures and fittings, ready for transport.
  • Disassemble outdoor items i.e. swing sets, portable warehouses, etc and place all bolts, screws in an envelope for safekeeping.
  • Dismantle all prefabricated furniture ready for transport, particularly computer desks. We know it is a bother, but they can disintegrate in transit. Place nails, screws in a clearly marked, sealed envelope for safekeeping.
  • Return any video/DVD rentals
  • Do not forget to cancel newspapers, cleaning, gardening, pet grooming and other local services.