Flying animals and pets

It is difficult to think of our pets as a cargo to be transported, so the issue of flying animals between countries is a very sensitive issue. On the one hand, there are a lot of laws and regulations regarding the import and export of animals, on the other hand, they are part of the family and as such, we want them treated as gently as possible.

Pet owners need to understand what flying their pets entails. It is recommended to read carefully the import laws of the destination country, in order to understand the process. It is the veterinary authority in each country that establishes the regulations for importing an animal to that country and each country has different import laws. The sanctions can be very severe.

The veterinary authorities may confiscate the dogs/cats and return them to the country of origin or quarantine them. The owner will be charged all financial expenses incurred. Therefore, it is not worth taking unnecessary risks.

Flying animals and pets from Israel

Pets leaving Israel must be accompanied by an international health certificate issued by the Veterinary Services. If it is not possible to issue an international health certificate in Israel to the target country, it is the responsibility of the owner to contact the Ministry of Veterinary Services or the Ministry of Agriculture in the destination country and to act in accordance with the official guidelines given to him. Exporting an animal without the required documentation may have implications for the animal and the owner.

Pre-preparation required for flying pets

  • Vet examination : Consult with a medical professional about the condition of the cat or dog, if they can survive the flight and whether it is worthwhile to anesthesia and if so, how.
  • Plane tickets : Purchase your plane tickets or cruises in advance. Animal transportation is usually done according to seasons, depending on the airline. In some companies, the animal can even be flown inside the cabin of the passengers (weighing under 10 kg).
  • Cage – Stock up in advance with a cage that meets the international standard of flying cages and is suitable for the size of the animal. Try to create a positive association for the animal when it comes to the cage. When your dog or cat gets to know the cage before the flight, it will ease the anxiety a little.
  • Connect: If you have a layover planned, check the destination policy where you will be arrested when it comes to animals and take you on a flight all relevant documents.
  • Make sure your reservation is made with the airline, at least 24 hours before departure

Most airlines understand the need to fly animals and offer a dedicated basket of services that takes into account the needs of the flying animals. They develop comfortable flying conditions for animals, such as preparing designated areas in the belly of the aircraft with appropriate in-flight temperature control and controlling their condition during the flight.

Transportation of Animals to Israel – License and Permits

Transportation of animals to the State of Israel is permitted only through the following import ports: Ben Gurion Airport, Haifa Port, Ashdod Port and Eilat Port.

Imports are conditional on a written license from the Directorate of Veterinary Services at the Ministry of Agriculture in accordance with the Animal Diseases Regulations.You must obtain a veterinary health certificate, signed and approved by a government veterinarian from the country from which you come. You need to take it out during the 10 days before the flight time.

In addition, you must submit a message to the Veterinary Services Office at the import port along with the photocopy of the veterinary certificate that will be attached to the shipment. Transfer the information for at least two days before loading the animal onto the plane or ship. Without these permits, the pet will not be released and quarantined.

In any case of flying an animal, it is recommended to use a body that specializes in the subject, understands the needs of the owners and animals and at the same time knows all the procedures and can help with the preparations and process.

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