Renting apartments in the sand – finding a home in the destination country

Where should you live? In the city center, close to the entertainment and events centers? Or as close as possible to the workplace? In an environment where many Israeli families live? Or in neighborhoods with a more local character? In the area where you heard that the education is excellent and the schools and kindergartens seem to you coordinators or close to friends who have already made a relocation before you? ..

If you are on your way to relocation and are thinking of finding a home in the destination country, these questions and many others will surely arise in your mind. The answer to these questions is not unequivocal. It all depends on whether you are moving alone, or as a family, what your family composition is, what the children’s ages are and what suits your character and habits. Here we at ocean come into the picture with a service that helps you find apartments for rent abroad according to your specific needs.

Locating apartments for rent abroad

As part of the apartment rental service abroad, we will help you understand what your expectations are of the new place of residence and accordingly we will find for you optional properties, one of which will eventually become your new home. And how can you be impressed by the variety of houses and know how to choose what suits you?

As part of the apartment rental service abroad, you can choose whether to settle for a photo and videos of the houses here in Israel or accompany our representative in your destination country before arriving and take a comprehensive tour with him of all the properties that seem right to you.

Negotiating and drafting an employment agreement with the landlord

Ocean escort does not end with locating the property. Once you have chosen the house that suits you, we will assist in negotiating with the landlord in the destination country, prepare the lease to sign both parties and give you any advice you will need regarding various documents or guarantees you will be required to present to the landlord.

Finally, after the lease has been signed by both parties, for easy and comfortable acclimatization in your new home, we can also help you deal with local authorities regarding the connection of the house to water, electricity and the like.

Rental apartments in the sand including:

  • Personal accompaniment of a local representative before arriving in the destination country
  • Coordinating and preparing a tour of relevant properties
  • Negotiating with the landlord who offers apartments for rent abroad.
  • Drafting a lease agreement ready for the parties to sign
  • Advice on guarantees and various documents that must be presented before signing
  • Assistance in connecting the house to the water, inspecting the property before the mobile and his family enter

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