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Your relocation period is over and it's time to go back to Israel?

The process of moving or returning back to Israel is a process of relocation and just as you planned the relocation process before leaving Israel, so it is advisable to plan the transition back to Israel in advance. Although you return to a familiar country and sometimes it seems that the return is easy and clear, but there are many aspects that may affect the acclimatization process in the country.

Proper relocation planning tailored to your needs will save you a lot of headache, time and money.

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The sooner you plan your trip moving back to Israel, the more you will be able to make a decision at your own discretion and in accordance with your personal needs, so we recommend that you be accompanied by a professional who will reflect on the dilemmas, consequences for each step and the knowledge required to make decisions. .

Remember that the needs you had before you relocated probably changed, the neighborhood you lived in, the workplace, the environment, educational institutions and more. And even in the years when you were not there, Israel also changed a bit, so it is not certain that the neighborhood you lived in before the move will suit you today. 

Here are some important topics to consider when planning your relocation journey to Israel:

How to move overseas from USA to Israel?

Israel is a country with many opportunities. Beautiful, interesting and full of job positions, no wonder many people from abroad come to check it out. International relocation to Israel has been booming in the last few decades, so many people ask themselves how to handle the process. The following article aims to help with some of the important details.

Who is eligible to move to Israel?

Can a US citizen move to Israel?
If they fall under the conditions set by Israeli law for citizenship, they can.
These include eligibility for the Law of Return (Jew, or children and grandchildren of Jews), being a part of a Jewish family, (spouses and partners), and others more.

So, if someone asks themselves: Can a non-Jew move to Israel?
Know that the answer is yes provided they are a part of a Jewish family.

The perks

There are many perks included in international relocation to Israel. Aside from the amazing sightseeing, it boasts a wide variety of job opportunities, especially in the high – tech sector. Salaries are very high in worldwide terms, and a proper job in the technology industries can land you quite a comfortable and stable future.

The right planning

As with any overseas relocation, careful planning is needed to be performed beforehand. Finding the right schools for your children, choosing a home, dealing with taxes and bureaucracy and many other challenges face the ones interested. Fortunately, many companies have been established to help with those tasks.

The difference between NY & LA in relocation to Israel

You might ask yourselves how different it is to move to Israel from New York compared to Los Angeles. The answer is not so much. Since the emigrating individual is moving to Israel from the US, they are not bound by US federal law, but by Israeli law.

So, when it comes to differences, it’s mostly expressed in the moving procedure and airplane ticket ordering. If one recruits the help of relocation companies, then the process becomes nearly identical.

Relocating has never been easier

If you’re looking to relocate to Israel, then Ocean Relocation is the best choice for you. The relocation process at Ocean Relocation is tailor – made for your individual needs and conditions. From the moment their services are provided, professional consultants will guide you from day one throughout the entire process. This includes choosing the right housing, renting furniture, storage, unpacking, and much more.

During all of those the family is escorted by the company’s staff to make sure the entire relocation goes as smoothly and efficiently as possible.

Frequently asked questions about relocation to Israel

We are very happy to answer on one page everyone’s questions,
But we are not just saying that every relocation is a world in its entirety.

In relocation there is not a single correct answer for everyone.
Every person and family has the right answers – for them.

Want to get the right answers for you?
Feel free to call and consult, or even come to us for a consultation call
And guidance with our relocation experts at Ocean.

Nevertheless, we have gathered the most common questions that arise regarding relocation:

First of all, it is important to understand whether you are considered a returning resident according to the definitions of the State of Israel.

There are several parameters for determining the status of a returning resident, such as the length of stay in the sand, the test of the days and more.

In order to understand in depth the rights of a returning resident and who is entitled to them, you are welcome to enter this page .

A relocation agreement is definitely a dramatic factor in the success of the relocation.

Since you still do not know the meaning of the agreement and its clauses for the rest of your journey, it is advisable to consult a professional who can reflect to you the meanings of the agreement according to your needs!

We assume that you will want to preserve or improve your quality of life and for this you will need to understand the meaning of life in the country to which you are moving in various aspects – the tax implications, the cost of living and the adaptation of your lifestyle to the new destination. Will the agreement allow this?

The best advice from us is to consult with a travel manager during the draft stages of the agreement! Remember that after signing the agreement it will be difficult for you to change clauses that can help you a lot.

Recommendation for reading: For the 9 important clauses of the relocation agreement

Disconnection of residency is in fact a disconnection from all the authorities in Israel. On the one hand – you will not be liable to pay tax on your income, but on the other hand there are other consequences such as disconnection from your social rights that you have accumulated over the years, disconnection from Social Security and your HMO.

It is also important to think about preserving your rights during the severance and understand whether it is right for you to sever residency or whether you will want to wait with it in order to enjoy the rights you deserve.

Learn more about disconnecting residency

The relocation from Israel to a new country involves a lot of fears, anxieties and uncertainty.

In children and certainly adolescents the social environment is a very central factor in life and therefore the fear of revealing your “secret” is justified.

But as far as your child is concerned, he understands that in a year he will return to Israel to his friends. He is already starting to count the days back and arranges with his friends for a reunion meeting next summer .. When he finds out the truth he may be very angry but mostly very disappointed. This can be difficult for him, which is why we always recommend telling the truth.

There are many ways to tell the truth, and the truth may be difficult, but remember that in the end your children will appreciate your sincerity and your transparency towards them.

The concern in finding a job in Israel is indeed a justified concern.

There may be wage differences between what you used to earn and the salaries in Israel. Of course the cost of living also affects the salary and it is important to remember this.

Those returning to Israel after a stay of more than 10 are entitled to long-term returning resident status.

As part of the rights granted to you – you can receive a professional course in many diverse fields, the business owners among you have many rights and benefits to help you integrate into the business industry in Israel, and if you have dance income – you are entitled to an exemption from paying tax on these incomes for 10 years.

It is recommended to read the article: All the rights of a returning veteran resident

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