Global Relocations

Settling In

Moving to a different country is never easy. Interacting with officials and authorities abroad is quite different from doing so in Israel. That’s exactly why we created Settling-in services, to help you deal with all administrations during the first few days.

Home Finding

Where’s the right place to live? Downtown, closer to the all the action, or closer to work? Alongside other relocatees from home, or in a local neighborhood? One thing’s for sure – each family has different preferences…

Door To Door Shipping

Planning ahead saves a lot of hassle later on. Together, we’ll take care of all the logistics, and create a shipping plan to best fit your needs.
A plan that’s clear and simple, without surprises, or obscured measurement units you’ve never heard of… Our delivery team will make sure everything is carried out perfectly.
Meanwhile on the other side, we’ll make sure your cargo is released from customs and handled by one of our expert associates world-wide. All of our partners meet the highest standards in the world. Your goods are in the best hands.

School search

How do we find the most appropriate school for our children? Is an hour’s drive to school in the morning considered normal? Should my children attend public or private school? Does a multi-cultural school make more sense than a local school? The new school will be the most important place in your children’s new life. It’s where they’ll stay most hours of the day, make friends and learn a new language.

Tax Consulting

One thing in common to all hosting countries – You HAVE to pay taxes. Dealing with the local tax regulations could be a real hassle. Furthermore, the relocation abroad does not release you from your Israeli Tax obligations. We can help you sort out all taxes issues.

Temporary housing

What are your options for the time period until your new home is all ready? Where do you start looking for a temporary solution? Renting a hotel room, even for a transitional period, is pretty simple. However, is it truly the best solution for a relocating family?
Ocean’s extensive knowledge enables us to provide you with a fully furnished apartment, if desired. So, you can feel right at home from day one. We offer specially designated temporary accommodation, with cleaning and maintenance included. Let us find the right housing solution for you.

Maid Service

Welcome to your new home! Now…good luck sorting and unpacking dozens of boxes. Where do you even start? Talk to us. Ocean’s unique service is carried out by professional staff, trained specifically for this task. Our team will organize all of your personal belongings, until your new home is clean, organized and ready for comfortable living.

Furniture Rental

You’ve just arrived in a new country…but wait – what about your cargo? It’s still on its way. What now?
Until you receive your belongings, or purchase new furniture, Ocean’s Furniture Rental Service is a great option that saves time and money. This service provides either a permanent or a temporary solution for relocating individuals, couples and families.


Moving into a new house and relocating to a new country comes with many new requirements. At Ocean, we offer a wide range of storage solutions that allow you to experience a more efficient move, while saving on unnecessary expenses.
The services includes: storage in warehouses (secured 365 days a year), fire insurance, water insurance, break-in insurance, content sorting and full access to your contents throughout the storage period.

Work Visas & Permits

First thing you have to know before relocating is the EXACT visa type you’ll need and what documentation is required before applying. That’s why, before deciding, you’ll need to check what types of visas are required and how to perform the application process. Then, you’ll need to fill-in all the correct forms, submit them in time and before you know it – you’re in a bureaucratic mess. We can turn this mess into a very simple process for you.

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