Eran Drenger

President and CEO of Ocean, Eran is at the helm, steering the field of relocation both in Israel and worldwide to new heights, and is considered an expert in his field. Eran holds a BA in Economics and an MBA. Under his leadership, the company evolved from being a service provider to one that offers a completely new approach to managing the complex process of relocation. His innovative approach allows for the successful transfer of complete quality of life for individuals and families alike, whilst first identifying the many challenges facing them even before the process begins. This approach also enables Ocean Co. to minimize risks and provide customized solutions offered as part of an entire range of services. This unique managerial approach helped propel Ocean to be a world-renowned source of knowledge and expertise in global relocation.


Shlomit Drenger

VP of Business Development, Shlomit initiated Ocean’s innovative Wise Process, a flagship method that contributed to the company’s international recognition. Shlomit is also responsible for the GoodMove International Relocation Conference, which serves as an annual arena for exchanging ideas and development initiatives in the field of global relocation. Shlomit holds a dual degree in literature, language and special education, with expertise in diagnosis and therapy. The integration between the two worlds in Shlomit’s background helped her form a comprehensive vision, which went on to redefine the field of relocation. It also helped shape the company into becoming a provider of innovative personalized solutions for relocating individuals and families assisting them in facing the many challenges ahead.

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