Relocations to Israel

School & Pre-School search in Israel

You may be returning home, but what about your children? To them, the relocation period lasted a lifetime. They may have lived abroad longer than they ever did in Israel. For them, Israel isn’t home. Yet…

HomeToHome Delivery©

We know every piece of home HERE, needs to be safely delivered to your new home THERE. Together, we’ll take care of all the logistics, and create a delivery timetable that fits your needs.

Returning residents tax planning

Moving back home means getting your tax issues sorted. This time, doing it right could save you a lot of money, since Israel encourages return, with a range of tax benefits. Use our experience to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Temporary housing

Even if you managed to find a Home before your flight back, it may not be ready for you. A Hotel, even for a transitional period, might not be the best solution for a relocating family. Staying with a hosting family could be unpleasant and embarrassing.
Ocean Group’s extensive knowledge enables us to provide you with a fully furnished apartment, if desired.


Welcome to Israel! Now…good luck unpacking. Where does one even start? Talk to us. Ocean Group’s unique service is carried out by professional staff trained specifically for this task. The team is in charge of the complete organization of the house contents, until the new home is clean and ready for comfortable living.

Furniture Rental in Israel

Upon arrival, you’ll often learn that your cargo is still on its way. What now?
Until you pick up your goods, or purchase new furniture, Ocean’s Furniture Rental service is a great option that saves time and money and provides either a permanent or a temporary solution for relocating individuals, couples and families.


Moving or relocating to Israel presents many new requirements. We offer a wide range of storage solutions that allow you to experience a move that is more efficient, while saving on unnecessary expenses.
The services includes: storage in warehouses that are secured 365 days a year, fire insurance, water insurance, break-in insurance, content sorting and full access to the contents throughout the storage period.

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