We guide people through the process of Relocation,

from the first idea to the final return.

At Ocean, we offer you a tailor made treatment,
guide you through the entire process and provide answers that are based on experience and tens of thousands of success stories.

We guide people through
the process of relocation,

from the first idea
to the final return

Every relocatee is unique and requires a unique set of solutions.
At Ocean, we guide you through the entire process and provide a tailor-made treatment, designed to fit your exact needs & requirements.


Temporary housing

Even if you managed to find a Home before your flight back, it may not be ready for you. A Hotel, even for a transitional period, might not be the best solution for a relocating family…

Returning residents tax planning

Moving back home means getting your tax issues sorted. This time, doing it right could save you a lot of money, since Israel encourages return, with a range of tax benefits. Use our experience to make sure you don’t miss out on anything.

Door to Door Shipping

We know every piece of your home HERE needs to be safely delivered to your new home THERE. Together, we’ll take care of all the logistics and create a delivery timetable that fits your needs.

Furniture Rental in Israel

Upon arrival, you’ll often learn that your cargo is still on its way. What now?
Until you pick up your goods, or purchase new furniture, Ocean’s Furniture Rental service is a great option that saves time and money….

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About us

Our mission at Ocean is to prepare you for the challenges that can come up during the relocation process.
We believe Relocation is a circular process. It begins with the thought of exploring a new country, continues with getting ready for the journey, moving, settling in, and ends with returning back home. This relocation cycle could take several months, or many years…
This life changing experience holds many opportunities, as well as challenges on all aspects of life. Will the kids adjust well? Will we achieve success in our new positions? How will this affect our life partners? We have helped tens of thousands of clients – Let our experience guide you.

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