Adaptation services

Moving to a new place is never an easy task. Easy and material when it comes to moving to a new country.
Everything we are used to in Israel, regarding the ways in which we deal with government bodies and businesses, is no longer relevant.
Everything just works differently…

That is why we have created the acclimatization services, which help you in all dealings with the same entities in the first days of the transition.

The adaptation services package includes:

✅ Orientation tour in the residential area

✅ Assistance in dealing with local authorities

✅ Assistance in purchasing or renting a car

✅ Assistance with car and apartment insurance

✅ Assistance in submitting an application for a driver’s license and registration of ownership

✅ Assistance in knowing the health system in the destination country

✅ Various banking services like opening a bank account

✅ Assistance in purchasing a cell phone

✅ Assistance in connecting TV, telephone and Internet services

✅ An explanation of the conduct of the main service centers, such as: shopping centers, supermarkets, public transportation, and more.

✅ Language translation services

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