Furniture rental in Israel

What fun, your new home in Israel is ready and just waiting for you to arrive. There is only one problem – your container takes a little longer to arrive … The furniture, beds, closets and sofas will only arrive in another 6-8 weeks. so what are we doing?

This is where furniture rental services come into the picture.

As part of our role to accompany and assist in the relocation process, we offer furniture rental services here in Israel as well. We provide furniture for rent for a short or long period, from beds and cabinets, through appliances and electronics to kitchen utensils.

You can rent the furniture until your container arrives, you can give up shipping and rent furniture until you buy new furniture, and if you love the rented furniture so much – you can even buy it.

What do you get?

  • Quality and designed furniture
  • Flexibility during the rental period
  • Full warranty for the integrity of the items throughout the rental period

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