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Have you decided to move to a new country?

Ocean is here to accompany you through the process. 

In the current era where many have the option to move to another country, we are seeing more and more families who decide to relocate to another country.

So if you have decided to make this move, it is important to plan the transition process well so that you can maintain or improve your quality of life overseas as well.

And that’s exactly why we’re here.

Ocean’s advisors will accompany you through all stages of the process – from the moment you decide to leave until you and your family adapt to the destination country you have decided to move to.

In the first stage – a counseling and guidance meeting.

The process of moving to another country, especially when it comes to family, is a complex process. Many of the commuters are not at all aware of all the issues to consider before and during the journey, such as: the subject of taxation, finding suitable housing solutions in the destination country, learning the local language, locating educational institutions for children and more.

To this end, we invite those interested in an international relocation or moving to a new country, to arrive in the first stage for a consultation and guidance meeting with the relocation manager.

During the session, your relocation manager will understand what your specific needs are, for example:
Are you moving alone?
With your spouse?
With children?
Where do you want to live?
And more.. 

If necessary, they will help you plan the transition and tailor different solutions and services from the range of services that Ocean has invented in the field of relocation.

Proper planning of the transition process.

The process of moving to Israel or a new country is very exciting but also very dramatic.
In fact, you are copying your life in Israel to the destination you will move to and this is no easy task. This has many meanings and the success of your transition and adaptation depends on various aspects, such as: logistical aspect, emotional aspect and economic aspect.

Every aspect we mentioned here depends on each other. For example, locating the educational institutions for your children will affect the choice of your neighborhood – something that will directly affect the community environment in which you will live.

And what do you leave behind? Do you have a property in your country of origin? And what about pensions, social security, medical services – would you like to preserve your rights? And what is important to know about relocation taxation?

There is also complexity in the logistics issue;

Would you like to send the entire contents of the house? Maybe you want to send only personal belongings and purchase new furniture? And again the issue leads us back to choosing the house where you want to live – will your furniture at all fit your new home?
And what do you do until the contents of the house we send arrive at your new home?

Sorry if we complicated you! 
But that’s exactly the point of relocation planning – Circular Thinking.

Every choice has implications that obscure other choices and therefore transition planning is a process that requires in-depth planning, understanding your needs and making decisions out of knowledge and understanding the consequences.

At Ocean Relocation we will be happy to be with you on this international journey, to advise, guide and provide you with all the information you need to make the right choice and make the right move.

Ocean’s relocation managers accompany thousands of families a year who make transitions between different countries in the world

We have creative solutions for complex situations, we work with the best professionals in their field.
We invite you to begin your journey of journey with confidence, certainty, and peace of mind with the OCEAN Journey Manager. relocate

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