Adjustment and registration for school and kindergartens

Choosing schools and kindergartens is one of the key decisions towards relocation with children .

Remember that school is the center of children’s lives. Where they are most of the day, where they make friends, where they will learn the language and culture – beyond the studies themselves. This is a choice that will affect your life and the lives of your children in several essential aspects:

• At the functional level – the distance of the school from home and the ways in which the children arrive at the educational institution
• At the pedagogical level – the quality of the school and its educational level
• At the social level – it is likely that your children’s classmates will also be their friends outside of school hours. Considerations such as the school population and the areas from which the children come should be taken into account.

How do we know which school is right for our children and the new lifestyle? Is an hour’s drive in the morning a routine thing? Should you prefer a school that is friendly to Israelis compared to a better school? Local or international school?

We at Ocean will be able to map out the existing options for you and put you in order of the advantages compared to the disadvantages of each option. Our in-depth knowledge allows us to provide accurate information about educational institutions in most countries of the world.

This way we can help you make the right choice for your children and for you. We will accompany you in the selection process and even take care of managing the registration procedure of the children for the educational institutions.

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