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Top 5 Cities in Israel to Move To

Israel is a small state located in the Middle East with an 8.7 million population. This is one of the most renowned immigration destinations for foreigners from all parts of the globe with Jewish origins. Israel’s standard of living at

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The Israeli Culture – 4 Important Things to Know

Defining the culture of Israel is challenging; it’s a fascinating and exceptional combination of customs and cuisines, religions and ethnicities, the new and the old. Indeed, the superb way to know about the culture of Israel and its idiosyncrasies is

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Relocation with children: Locating schools abroad

Relocating with children is not always easy, but if done correctly, children will adapt quickly. The most common questions are related to locating and registering for educational institutions in various destinations abroad. We have gathered the most important ones to

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Immigrant son before military service

Military service is an important issue in family immigration procedures from Israel to abroad. The duty of IDF military service in Israel is a general obligation that applies to every Israeli citizen, whether he or she lives in Israel or

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