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In case you are planning a relocation for work or study purposes, one of the first things to find out about is the issue of visas (relocation visa / work visa). If you received an offer to work abroad through your employer in Israel, you are usually arranged in terms of a work visa because the employer will make sure to get all the necessary permits for you and perform the process for you.

If you need to obtain a work visa independently, you will need to find out what the requirements are in your destination country. Each country requires those who move to it to obtain the necessary permits so that they can move and work in the same country and the requirements vary from country to country.

Therefore, before starting to close things about the relocation process, it is advisable to start checking about the visa options and the requirements for getting it. If you have registered for academic studies abroad, you will usually receive a work visa for the period in which you are studying.

Once you have checked what is required and what are the criteria for obtaining a work visa, you must prepare and submit the documents and paperwork to the government bodies in the country to which you want to move.

If you are moving to the US, you should know which relocation visa you need, as there are several types:

  • Visa L: Suitable for employees who change their work location from Israel. Obtaining this visa will be possible for people whose employers have applied for an L visa, using Form I-129.
  • Visa O: Suitable for people engaged in specific fields such as science, education and the arts to work in the US following a unique long-term project.
  • H-1B visa: allows skilled workers to work in specific positions in areas such as medicine, teaching, high-tech, law, accounting, etc. While in the US you can use this visa and apply for a Green Card – a permanent residence permit in the US. In order to obtain an H-1B visa, it is mandatory to hold at least a bachelor’s degree. This work visa is issued for a period of 3 years, with an option for extension.
  • 2E visa – new visa. As of May 1, Israelis will be able to apply for an E-2 visa – a visa that allows work in the United States based on a reasonable financial investment in an active company in the United States. In doing so, Israel joins about 80 countries that have been enjoying this opportunity for many years.

In EU countries, Israelis with a European passport will be able to easily obtain a work visa while for those who do not have such a passport the process is much more complex.

Issuing a work visa for relocation is a long and bureaucratic process that requires quite a bit of preparation and knowledge, so it is recommended to seek the help of a professional who knows all the necessary procedures and bureaucracy along the way and can help and save you hassle and valuable time. Many times the long-awaited approval is not received due to misconduct, document error or lack of knowledge of the law. Therefore, it is worthwhile to do everything once neatly and correctly and thus increase your chances of getting the visa of your dreams.

We at OCEAN will be happy to assist you in obtaining a visa and processing a visa application in front of the relevant parties. With our experience in thousands of cases a year, we know how to handle and manage the bureaucracy effectively.

For assistance in obtaining a work visa for relocation, contact us and we will be happy to be of service to you .

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