Storing the contents of an apartment on the way to relocation – what is important to check?

If you’re on your way to relocation for an extended period of time, you probably won’t be taking all the contents of your house with you. Whether you are a hamster and sentimentalist or those who are “easy to throw away” – in any case a large part of your equipment will not come with you and will have to find its place in a warehouse in Israel and wait for your return. Even in other cases of moving house in Israel, where long-term apartment contents are required, the need for warehouse rental services increases.

So what are the criteria for choosing a storage company/ warehouses and why should you pay attention?

Warehouse size and location

Storing the contents of an apartment, furniture and items that are valuable to you is not like storing goods. So one of the first data to check is where your equipment is stored, is it in the warehouse? Is the storage space suitable for weather conditions? Is the warehouse secure and protected against burglaries 24/7? Where is it located? Do you have access to your equipment? A necessary condition is a covered and closed complex, with each storage unit separate from the other. Regarding the location – when you receive a quote, you have to take into account the distance from your home to the warehouses considering the transportation costs of the equipment.

Regarding the size of the warehouse you will need – the cost of storage is determined by the size of the warehouse. First assess the amount of equipment you want to store and accordingly what is really worthwhile and worthwhile to leave in the warehouse. It may be more lucrative to sell certain items than to store them long-term. It is a good idea to choose a place that will have a variety of storage units of different sizes so that flexibility can be possible. A professional storage company will know how to help you estimate the size of the warehouse you need.

Permits, insurance and maintenance

In order to maintain a complex of warehouses, it is mandatory to hold permits and permits are required from the local authority, fire departments, etc. It is also important that the place has the necessary insurance against fires and thefts. Is the complex closed? Are there security systems and cameras in place, as well as smoke detection systems and firefighters? All of which you’re going to have to find out.

Another issue to consider is the maintenance of the storage complex – the level of cleanliness, how often pest control is performed on the premises and the ventilation of the warehouses.

Who and how to pack your equipment?

Most hosting companies also offer you packaging services priced by box or hourly. It’s a good idea to make sure who’s packing and how your equipment is packed. The appliances and large furniture, for example, are important to pack in hermetical packaging that ensures high durability in transportation and in prolonged storage conditions.

Keep in mind that when you travel for an extended period of time and store long-term equipment you are considered “good” customers, and as such you can get a good quote. The most important thing is to really leave the country with peace of mind and a good feeling that there are those who guard and make sure that your equipment does not happen.

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