Relocation stories

Dealing with the French bureaucracy

Name: Eden ZornitzerAge: 21Place of residence: Paris, FranceMost misses: Tel Aviv Air and family During my military service, I realized that I wanted to do my studies abroad. At first the consideration was in the US, but it quickly became

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Letter to myself’s before the move

Name: Venus ArielAge: 43Place of Residence: Kohav YairMost missed: Landscapes in Costa Rica, friends and nature April 1999 I’m going to conquer the world… I celebrated my 26th birthday a few months ago, I have a lovely child with gold

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Embarking on a new professional path

Name: Lilach Wink-LevyAge: 41Place to live: Warsten (40 minutes from Amsterdam), NetherlandsMost misses: Sun Want to take a look at Lilac’s styling tours?

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Relocation to Europe: My Scandinavian Experience

Name: Anna RebutnikovAge: 30Place of residence: Gothenburg, SwedenMost misses: friends Finland – Love at First Sight My Scandinavian experience started back in 2011. At that time, my future husband and I were looking for a special place for our honeymoon

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The heat, the queues and the Israelis

Name: Adi AckermanAge: 16Place of Residence: Pierre Lunn, New JerseyMost missed: friends, family, sea, weiz, food, everything After a year and eight months living in New Jersey, I went back for a home visit. It’s been a crazy month! At

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Family crisis thousands of miles away

Name: Marine Forges KalchheimAge: 36Place of Residence: IsraelMost misses: Dad Just before Yom Kippur, my husband’s mother told us that they had metastasized in his grandmother. This news brought me back to November 2012. We were a little less than

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