Returning resident rights – what you deserve from the stat of Israel

Returning resident - the rights you deserve from the state

When the proposal is accepted, the vast majority think of a “name,” but as noted in the article on the residency disconnection, you must also think about the “here”.

What happens when you are moving back to Israel?
What status will you return to and what do you deserve under your new Teitel “Returning Resident“?
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Resident Returns Rights according to the Ministry of Absorption

The Ministry of Aliyah and Integration in Israel has set certain criteria to determine whether you are a returning resident.

Who is a returning resident?

If you meet the following criteria, you deserve rights:

  • An Israeli citizen 17 years of age or older when returning to Israel.
  • He was a former resident of Israel.
  • Stayed abroad for at least two years.
  • During his stay abroad, he visited Israel on and off or continuously for no more than four months in each year of absence. A visit that began in one year and continued continuously for the following year, will be considered one visit.
  • We will not be sent abroad for a mission on behalf of one of the following parties: the State of Israel, a governmental authority, the World Zionist Organization or authority from its authorities, the Jewish Agency, the JNF, keren Hayesod, the United Collection and the Bundes
  • In the past, he has not received assistance as a returning resident of the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration, unless it has been 10 years since receiving the last aid, provided that he is considered a returning resident for over 6 years abroad.
  • He has not received any assistance in the past two years as an immigrant from the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration.

When it comes to a separated or divorced couple of parents, and one of the spouses wishes to return to Israel with the children, they must produce a notarized affidavit of the spouse who remains abroad or a signed declaration to the Israeli consul about his consent to the maintenance of the children in Israel. This affidavit is necessary for the children to receive returning resident rights as well.

How does a returning resident receive the assistance of the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration?

To determine your status as a returning resident, in the past you had to go to one of the immigration and absorption offices in your area and contact a documentation and eligibility consultant, as soon as you return (you can call to make an appointment). The couple had to come together and bring with them the ID cards and passports of all members of the family. Today, the Israel Tax Authority has opened the possibility of registering online and this can be done here .

Tip: Update your ID cards in advance in the Population Registry and arrive at the Ministry of Absorption with the most up-to-date certificates.

After you present all the relevant permits, you will receive the certificates of returning residents. These certificates will allow you to continue the absorption process and will buy you an escort from the office.

If you also need financial assistance, make sure to open a bank account in Israel to shorten processes and expedite the transfer of money.

When you are finished with the bureaucracy, the Ministry of Aliyah and Integration will provide you with assistance for a period of 24 months from the date of return to Israel, except for income support, which will be given during the 12 months from the date of return to Israel.

The process of absorbing a returning resident: everything that needs to be done

Bank account

Opening a bank account in the name of both spouses.


Setting up an appointment with an admissions consultant at a branch close to the place of residence.


Determining eligibility and providing + personalized password information to the website.


Registration of stabilization to ensure income and the construction of an employment plan.

Ongoing care

Ongoing accompaniment according to the needs of the returning resident and his family.

קליטת תושב חוזר, תהליך הקליטה ברילוקיישן לישראל ב-ocean relocation

Customs relief - benefits for a returning resident

Returning residents and returning students are also entitled to certain customs reliefs, which will be in effect for nine months from the date of return to Israel.

First, they are entitled to an exemption from taxes (customs duties, purchase tax and VAT) on the import of the following personal belongings:

  • Apparel, footwear and toiletries , which is commonly brought as a hand luggage.
  • Wines and drinks – spirits up to 1 liter and wines, up to 2 liters per person over the age of 18.
  • Cosmetics containing alcohol – up to a quarter liter per person.
  • Tobacco : Up to 250 grams or cigarette pect, or not more than $200 (U.S.) per person over 2 years of age.
  • As part of the $200 section above, you can also import food weighing up to 3 kg.

Eligibility for a customs exemption will be granted to persons aged 18 and over. If an imported object is worth more than $200, not only will the right to exemption be revoked from you, but you will need to add the difference to the full value of the imported object.

Additional conditions for obtaining the customs exemption:

  1. All objects and import documents must be registered in your name.
  2. The objects must be intended for self-use and in a reasonable amount.
  3. If the items belong to a married couple, they will not be released until the documents of both spouses are presented.
  4. . A returning student must show a study permit from the institution where he studied.

For more information about customs returning resident rights

As with any flight: other things that returning residents can bring to Israel

Bringing you a container of household items? Make sure you have proof of independent housekeeping. It can be in the form of a lease or proof of where you own a residence.

  • You can import household items that do not include permanent installation equipment such as plumbing, building materials, flooring or wall covering (wallpaper, tiles, marble, etc.) – in no more than two shipments.
  • Make sure that the container arrives within the exemption period, which is nine months from the date of return to Israel.
  • You can import up to two TV tuners and two PCs per family. The rest of the appliances can be imported one item of each type.
  • It is impossible to “fool” customs authorities – if you send household items in a mail package, it will be considered this one shipment on which you are entitled to an exemption.

Resident returns benefits for income tax purposes

We understood according to the sections above who the returning resident is for the needs of the Ministry of Absorption and Customs, but if you have moved the center of your life to another country for 6 years or more, upon your return you will also be considered a “returning resident” for tax purposes. A returning resident for tax purposes is entitled to an exemption under certain conditions on capital gains from the sale of assets outside of Israel for 10 years.

Rights of returning resident over 10 years - veteran returning resident

If you have returned after more than 10 full years, you are already a “longtime returning resident” and deserve completely different rights, including 10 years of relief and benefits for a returning resident, in which you are almost fully and comprehensively exempt from the totality of your income outside of Israel, as well as a broad exemption from reporting obligations on those properties.

The Income Tax Ordinance grants a longtime returning resident the right to continue to be considered a foreign resident for one year from the date of return to Israel – a “year of adjustment”.

If you need such a year, you will need to notify the Tax Authority on a special form, within 90 days of arrival in Israel. The decision allows you to leave Israel at the end of the year without being considered a resident of Israel if you wish to return in the future, as well as to experience as foreign residents during the year.

If, for example, you are a shareholder in an Israeli company and have chosen an adjustment year, holding the company will be considered a foreign resident and you will receive an exemption for capital gains, an exemption intended for foreign residents only (Sections 97-3).

On the other hand, you will not be subject to the provisions of the conventions for the prevention of multiplication taxes that apply to the residents of Israel and as part of the rights of a returning resident you will not be entitled to the credit points given to the residents of Israel.

The aforesaid does not constitute legal and/or professional advice and in any case it is advisable to schedule a consultation on the issues mentioned in this article.

The article was assisted by Adv. and CPA Maori Amfali, who specializes in international taxation

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