Advice and guidance for relocation

Preparations for relocation can be complex and complicated.

But you should not get lost in the preparations for relocation.

We invite you to come to a consultation meeting with our relocation experts at Ocean – free of charge.

During the counseling session we will discuss a number of issues relevant to anyone making a move to a foreign country.

In the first part we will discuss three main topics:

  1. Important taxation issues,
  2. Issues related to terms of employment and wages ,
  3. Issues related to the preservation of social conditions and how they can be expressed in the employment agreement abroad.

In the second part of the meeting we will discuss solutions that will prepare you for the transition and help your acclimatization in the destination country;

The conversation will be based largely on the stage you are in the process and on adapting the solutions to your specific needs.
The coffee is on us.

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